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About Vine™

Vine™ is a permanent filter for stroke prevention in individuals with abnormal heart rhythm (atrial fibrillation, or AF). In people with AF, blood clots formed in the heart may travel through the arteries in the neck (carotid arteries) to the brain and cause stroke. The Vine™ filter intercepts these clots before they can reach the brain, thereby limiting the risk of stroke. Vine™ is implanted into the carotid arteries by a thin needle in a quick and simple procedure, which does not require general anesthesia.

Vine Device

MRI Safety Information

A person with Javelin Medical’s Vine filter may be safely scanned at 1.5T or 3.0T under the following conditions. Failure to follow these conditions may result in injury.



Device Name

Static Magnetic Field Strength (B0)

MR Scanner Type

B0 Field Orientation

Maximum Spatial Field Gradient

RF Excitation

RF Transmit Coil Type

RF Conditions

Scan Duration

Scan Regions

Image Artifact

Javelin Medical’s Vine filter

1.5T and 3T



56.3 T/m (5,630 G/cm)

Circularly Polarized (CP)

Integrated Whole Body Transmit Coil

Normal Operating Mode

Up to 1 hour of continuous scanning without a cooling period

Any landmark is acceptable

The presence of Javelin Medical’s Vine filter may produce an image artifact of 0.6 cm. Some manipulation of scan parameters may be needed to compensate for the artifact.

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